Athens International Airport: promo event with custom VR application for the new terminal


Athens International Airport was looking for an innovative marketing campaign to promote its new terminal. THEASIS Creative Events Agency turned to The VR Project and its owner company, Bolt Virtual, to design it.

Airport 1

Bolt Virtual, the only Greek company creating custom marketing applications in virtual reality, created a VR interactive game played on the runway of an airport and allowing the players to play in virtual reality and win awards from the airport shops. 

Airport 2


The next stage was to give to the terminal passengers the chance to experience the most cutting edge technology of virtual reality. 


For 2 weeks The VR Project set up at the terminal premises 2 immersive virtual reality systems, operated by its specialised and dedicated personnel, and gave to 400 passengers the chance to experience the premium interactive experience made possible only by the software of Bolt Virtual and the technology of HTC Vive operated by The VR Project.